Epson Technology PrecisionCore

Driving the Monna Lisa Evo Tre is a new printhead array featuring Epson’s advanced PrecisionCore technology. With 128 PrecisionCore MicroTFP print chips configured in 32 4-chip printheads, the array provides 12,800 nozzles* for each colour for outstanding productivity. While being highly durable, it is also designed for easy maintenance to minimize downtime.

 * For 8-colour con guration

Previous printing heads

Every Monna Lisa model of the previous generation is equipped with the Epson Type-T2 printing heads, specially designed to be used with Genesta® textile inks. The head has a total of 1440 nozzles arranged in 8 rows of 180 each. A single print head is thus able to simultaneously print in 8 different colours at a resolution of 180 dpi or, otherwise, in 4 different colours at a resolution of 360 dpi.

Another important feature of the printing heads is their variable “dot size”, which makes it possible to choose between levels of colour dot heaviness from 3 to 6. The use of these heads on the Monna Lisa thus allows not only an extraordinary increase in production speed, but also a significant increase in print quality.


The belt is one of the most important elements of a textile printing machine, which is why the Monna Lisa® is designed and constructed on the model of traditional printing machines, beginning with the belt and its supporting structure.

The belt is an endless-belt, identical to those used on the most common flat and rotary machines. Fitted onto a sturdy steel structure, its movement is supplied by two ground cylinders which ensure its perfect alignment during forward movement and precise positioning on the printing area.

Coating with permanent adhesive ensures perfect adherence of the fabric on the belt itself. Laying of the adhesive is made easy by use of the special stainless-steel squeegee supplied with the assembly kit. The belt, which features an automatic continuous washing system with relative drying, can be moved manually using the buttons on the panels located on the front and rear of the printer or directly on the machine’s PC control panel.

Belt washing

The belt washing system is built entirely of stainless steel and is housed underneath the printing area.

It consists of a number of motorised brushes and special drying squeegees, fitted on a tank which holds a limited amount of water, so as to cut consumption.

The whole device can be easily removed, which makes it simple to clean and service. Continuous washing can be performed during printing or, otherwise, belt washing cycles can be performed once printing is complete.

Fabric feeding

Rolls of up to 300 mm

The standard fabric feeder device supplied with the Monna Lisa is fitted directly onto the printer’s mechanical structure, so as to keep its size to a minimum.

The system consists of an axial support allowing for the loading of fabric rolls of up to 300 mm in diameter (roll diameter can be increased by means of a supplementary device that is available upon request).

Mechanical brake

A mechanical brake makes it possible to regulate unwinding of the fabric roll, so as to avoid undesired unwinding, while a self-unwinding device is available to avoid stretching when printing on stretch fabrics.

Fabric is guided

The fabric is guided on the belt by a series of cylinders which allow tensioning and self-alignment through the use of adjustable photocells.

A pneumatically-adjustable mobile pressing cylinder on the belt ensures perfect adhesion of the fabric to the printing area.

It is possible, on request, to interface fabric feeder devices for even larger rolls, built by any Italian or foreign manufacturer.

Fabric wind-up

Modern fabric drying systems

The Monna Lisa high printing speeds require it to interface with the most modern fabric drying systems available on the market.

Safe for the environment

All the fabric drying systems produced by the best brands can easily be connected to the Monna Lisa, ensuring excellent drying results, achieved in a way that is safe for the environment.


Genesta® is the registered trademark of the inks developed and produced, in collaboration with Epson, to meet the highest quality stands for reliability and printing fastness for all fibres.

The complete range of Genesta® inks covers a broad and perfectly balanced colour space.

Genesta® inks come in completely exhaustible heat-sealed aluminium cartridges, ensuring absolute reliability and reduction of consumption.

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