The programme that controls Monna Lisa has been designed to combine outstanding performance with extreme versatility and ease of use. The operator is able to control and manage the printing process using a dedicated user interface, which displays the real-time status of the different machine functions on the monitor.

The programme is divided into three main parts:

1 print settings and control

2 colour control and management

3 maintenance

The part related to setting, in addition to providing all the information regarding the designs to be printed, allows the operator to select or change the different printing parameters. A number of these parameters can be set at origin directly on the CAD station where the design is processed. The printer operator can make changes to or choose all the free printing parameters, such as, for instance, printing width and length, single or bi-directional printing, etc.

The function keys are divided into 3 separate groups: printer controls, design management, monitor interface selection. The printed metres are shown continuously on three screens, with relative hourly production data divided into linear metres and square metres.

Control and management of the eight colours loaded into the printer is made simple through a visual representation which shows the ongoing situation in real time.

In addition to levels, other messages show ink status, indicating to the operator not only when cartridges are empty, but also any faults due to errors during loading.

The maintenance section makes it possible to manage all the ancillary print functions, such as head cleaning, performing tests to check nozzles, forcing a specific colour drop heaviness, etc. For print head cleaning, operators can choose from three levels of intensity: normal, medium or extra. The nozzle check test can be carried out during printing, with no interruption in the continuity of fabric printing. The forcing of colour drop heaviness can be selected from one of three levels: small, medium or large; it is also possible to choose between normal or extra printing mode.