The standard versions of the Monna Lisa® are available in three different printing widths: 180, 220 and 320 cm.

The 180 and 220 versions can be equipped with 16, 32 or 48 Epson T2 printing heads. The 320 cm. version is available with 16 or 32 Epson T2 printing heads.

Monna Lisa® printers can be loaded with 4 colours (double four-colour printing), or with the basic 8 colours of ink by GENESTA®, with a choice of the following types: acid, reactive, disperse or pigments (the technical characteristics of which are described in a special section).

All the versions of Monna Lisa® use the same printing programme in terms of user interface as well as in terms of connection between the different textile CAD systems available on the market. In addition to making it easier for operators within the same printing company to use the different Monna Lisa® models, it also fosters relationships between the company and its clients, encouraging possible collaborations with other printers or with other textile companies involved in digital printing.

Different widths, configurations or personalizations are available on request.