The standard fabric feeder device supplied with the Monna Lisa® is fitted directly onto the printer’s mechanical structure, so as to keep its size to a minimum. The system consists of an axial support allowing for the loading of fabric rolls of up to 300 mm in diameter (roll diameter can be increased by means of a supplementary device that is available upon request).

A mechanical brake makes it possible to regulate unwinding of the fabric roll, so as to avoid undesired unwinding, while a self-unwinding device is available to avoid stretching when printing on stretch fabrics.

The fabric is guided on the belt by a series of cylinders which allow tensioning and self-alignment through the use of adjustable photocells.

A pneumatically-adjustable mobile pressing cylinder on the belt ensures perfect adhesion of the fabric to the printing area.

It is possible, on request, to interface fabric feeder devices for even larger rolls, built by any Italian or foreign manufacturer.