The original version of the Monna Lisa® serves as the basis for models with different printing widths, so as to cover the full range of market requirements.

The programme that controls the system is extremely versatile and easy to use, simplifying task management and maintenance.

Monna Lisa® is easily interfaceable with any textile printing and Colorways application graphic system.

Our new Epson Type-T2 * heads are specially designed to be used with GENESTA® textile inks.


The fabric feeder device allows for perfect spread on small to large rolls. It is fitted directly onto the mechanical structure of the printer.

The fabric wind-up device is a piece of equipment that is separate from the printer. It dries the printed fabric before the subsequent fabric winding or folding.

The Monna Lisa®, modelled after traditional printing machines, is designed around one of its main components: the belt.


The belt washing system is built entirely of stain steel and is made to cut water consumption to a minimum.

The ink charge is designed like a hydraulic circuit to hold vacuum-sealed ink, and is specifically designed to be used with GENESTA® inks.

GENESTA® is the registered trademark of the inks developed to meet the highest quality standards for printing fastness for all fibres.


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